Shrewsbury for Responsible Taxation

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Shrewsbury for Responsible Taxation (SRT)

Chairman: Chris Kirk
Vice Chairman: Brian Austin
Treasurer: Fritz Bauer


SRT Overview


Shrewsbury for Responsible Taxation (SRT), formerly known as Seniors for Responsible Taxation (SRT), was formed in 2005 to ensure the taxes and fees Shrewsbury residents pay are created and administered responsibly. Furthermore, these payments should be designed so as to be fairly charged and only assessed for the minimum required length of time.  Our members devote the time to identify the soundest revenue and spending solutions by thoroughly examining financial proposals and seeking out more cost-effective alternatives.


SRT has been responsible for saving taxpayers thousands of dollars by proposing positive answers to revenue and spending challenges. In general, SRT advocates for resisting operational overrides, for smaller debt exclusion expenditures and for reasonable fee levels.  And, when necessary, SRT plays the role of “Loyal Opposition” for new revenue and spending proposals.


Any Shrewsbury resident who supports the SRT philosophy, is welcome to join.  Membership is free.  SRT does, however, accept donations for expenses such as copying, postage, signs, ads, etc.