School Issues

Articles on School Issues

1) Raises for Teachers vs. the Rest of the State -7/21/2015: Shows that a) average teacher salaries in Shrewsbury are Higher than the State average;  and b) They have been increasing at a Faster Rate than that for the Entire State.

2) More Unreported Benefits to the School System – 5/8/2015: Second letter to Finance Committee identifying more benefits provided to the School Department by municipal departments that are probably Not fully recognized in Reports on Per-Pupil Expenditures.

3) Letter to Finance Committee re: Under-Reporting of Shrewsbury’s Per-Pupil Expenditures – 3/18/2015: First letter to the Finance Committee identifying municipal expenditures in Support of the School Department that are probably Not fully counted in Reports on Per-Pupil Expenditures.

4) School Costs Woes – 4/4/2014: Explains that annual cost increases for salaries and special education (SPED) are the two biggest causes of large annual school budget increases, and that the School Committee has done almost nothing to mitigate these annual cost increases.

5) School Reporting Errors – 3/26/2014: Discusses a) a large error in the number of teachers reported to the state; b) potential discrepancies between school reports; c) SELCO services not counted as support to the school; and d) inadequate documentation of the costs of municipal services in support of the schools.

6) Shrewsbury’s Per-Pupil Spending – 2/14/2014: Explains that Shrewsbury school enrollment is significantly higher than towns to which it is usually compared relative to per-pupil expenditures; and that per-pupil expenditures should decrease as enrollment increases, if all other factors remain unchanged, due to economies of scale. Thus per-pupil comparisons to towns with much smaller enrollments are misleading.